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CRYO is for the next generation of masternode projects for investors looking for safer investments. 

When we set out to create our CRYO program, it was always going to be a learning curve. CRYO is a new concept/experiment that was developed to help clean up the masternode space and to bring trust and confidence back into the market. No one said this would be an easy task, or that we would have the perfect solution, but one thing that has remained is our ambition to make it work and when faced with problems, to work on improvements and solutions going forward.

VAULT.Investments aim to put projects first and investors first by using it’s unique, ingenious CRYO program to help protect and manage the masternode side of a CRYO project.

CRYO Investors now have an opportunity to learn more about CRYO projects to help them make their choices to build a quality portfolio of safer long-term projects. CRYO is the new generation of masternode investing.

There are 2 branches to CRYO:
1). The Masternode project, which is protected against the dumping of presale mastenodes, premine, and large wallets. This is to protect investors and project owners from each other and it has worked as planned. ​Since the launch back in June 2019, there have been 0 coins taken off the VAULT platform that has not been generated and released as part of the CRYO process.

2) The project itself, which is the sole responsibility of the project owner(s). Once a project launches on the exchange, the project is officially handed over and the owner is held accountable for all actions including delivering on promises, marketing, and driving demand. At this time the private project team channels on the VAULT discord server will be closed and removed, as all further private chat with CRYO project teams should be conducted on the project's own chat server and media channels. The VAULT Investments team will continue to offer advice and support, help with marketing through VAULT owner's server and media sources, but the reality is if the project fails to deliver then it is on the head of the project owners themselves.

CRYO Projects

What is a CRYO project?

A CRYO project can be a new masternode project or a project that has been given a second chance by being relaunched on the VAULT Platform. An example of a relaunched project is the PAWS animal charity project, which was relaunched 18 months, after its initial launch. A project cannot be a CRYO project if it doesn’t have a brand new blockchain on which all coins can be accounted for. During the early stages of a new project, coins on the new blockchain will be frozen/locked and only rewards will be free to be sold on exchanges. This helps protect investors and the project from early dumps that break morale and render the new coin worthless. It will leave investors with less risk of devaluation through the project blockchain activities, so they can concentrate on the use case and goals the project stands for, as you would with any investment outside of crypto. 

A project will normally be in CRYO for a limited time (however this can be extended and in some cases be made permanent), after which it is released and will be a normal project from then onwards. If a project is not extended, a gradual release plan will be agreed to unfreeze a % of frozen coins, so as not to shock or flood the market. Rewards from CRYO projects will gradually overtake the premine coins, which means that over time a CRYO project will behave like normal cryptocurrency.

There are now 4 different ranks of CRYO protection, 3 of these have both premine coins AND coins used for presale masternode locked on the VAULT Investments platform and one where only the presale coins are locked on the platform, while the premine could alternatively be controlled by the project owners.

Each rank of CRYO will signify the level of support that a project receives from VAULT Investments. The GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE ranks can include services like creation of the blockchain, wallets and explorer as well as support for creating the whitepaper and the sale of presale masternodes, which leaves a new project with a turnkey solution with regards to the blockchain, so they can focus on the implementation and realization of their mission and goals. The new CUSTOM rank will normally be substandard to CRYO with only the initial masternodes being frozen under the protection of CRYO, with the premine possibly being in the possession of the project owner. The CUSTOM rank can also be used to downgrade projects that have failed to meet expectations.

All projects are responsible for their own presale funds in their possession and the roadmap for implementing their goals to drive demand, grow and maintain their project. It is still the sole responsibility of the investor to carry out their own research into the project and mission. All investors are also solely responsible for profits and losses that they incur due to a project's performance. We would like to remind all investors that cryptocurrency is no different than traditional investments and can carry an element of risk and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

VAULT.Investment is not responsible for any failed CRYO projects or loss incurred from any projects on the VAULT.Investments Platform, and should not be expected to offer compensation for any projects, including coin swaps to alternative projects.

So how is CRYO different from a normal masternode project and what makes it so special?

Put simply. A CRYO project is a new or existing project that is being given a second chance by being relaunched on the VAULT Platform which hasn’t distributed any coins. The presale masternodes if applicable, will be sold and frozen on our platform for an agreed time. Only the masternode rewards can be withdrawn or reinvested on bronze, silver, and gold ranks but custom projects could have more flexibility with the premine. CRYO projects are designed with low sustainable R.O.I.s for long-term viability.


CRYO Ranks broke down

Custom: Lowest Rank, presale masternodes frozen
A project will be given a CUSTOM rank if it does not meet the requirements for GOLD, SILVER, or BRONZE. The minimum requirement for CUSTOM is all presale masternodes will be frozen at the start of the chain. Custom rank will also be used to downgrade any projects that misuse their premine on the platform or drop the required standards that were expected. We will still ensure that any funds taken from the premine for other unapproved purposes will be initially frozen on the platform.

Bronze: Premine frozen, presale masternodes frozen
Projects are listed in our CRYO Program, enjoying protection against dumping of the presale nodes in the early days of the project life-cycle, We will hold all premine funds and freeze them. After listing on an exchange the premine can be used for OTC sales, bonuses, and giveaways and all funds taken from the premine will initially be frozen on the VAULT platform. Only rewards from frozen funds can be taken off the platform. This sends a strong signal to potential investors that this project will not be able to exit by dumping the premine on the market during the startup phase of the project. The project can still fail or exit without dumping a large volume of coins.

Silver: Premine frozen, presale masternodes frozen, blockchain developed by VAULT, team unverified
An additional layer of trust will be added to the bronze level, making it our silver level, by having the project team being public. This will send an additional signal to potential investors, that a project can mean real business by being public and transparent, locking their premine for a period of time in our VAULT as well as the presale masternodes being locked in our CRYO Program preventing those from being dumped on the market in the early stages of the project. The project can still fail or exit without dumping a large volume of coins.

Gold: Premine frozen, presale masternodes frozen, project team VERIFIED by KYD
The VAULT Investments team will have had a major influence on the creation and setup. We may even have developed the blockchain and wallets, helped with the whitepaper, design, marketing, and other requirements necessary to launch a successful project. All details of our involvement will be disclosed prior to private presales. KYD is a company that specializes in project verifications and will add an extra layer of credibility to a project, but even verified projects can still fail or exit without dumping a large volume of coins.

All CRYO projects can still be upgraded at a later date to Gold ranking following KYD verification. Projects can also be downgraded for a drop in requirements or failing to meet pre-planned expectations.

Additional features and benefits for project owners and investors
The platform will be able to provide additional features and benefits to investors if a project owner wishes to promote their project during the initial stages. We are open to many options that we can then implement on our platform for the investors of each particular CRYO enlisted project.

CRYO Investor
All presale buyers of a CRYO project masternode and anyone who holds 500 frozen VAULT coins.

(Filled ice wallets with VAULT coins will be accepted as your total VAULT)

This will give you access to our private CRYO Investors channel and private channels with the teams from CRYO projects. You will then be able to ask questions and build trust and a relationship with the project team to be able to make an informed decision, before investing in their projects.

If a project is removed or leaves the CRYO program, its investors will lose any benefits, roles, or ranks that have been obtained by holding the related project.

To Clarify:

Project Owner Verification
All project owner verifications will be handled by the well known and respected verification specialists https://kydcoin.io/ This means that a team has handed over their identity documents and fulfilled all requirements set for KYD verification. It does not give a character reference of the project owners, or any past history, on or offline of any misdemeanors.

All project owners are responsible for their own presale funds and the roadmap for implementing their goals to drive demand to grow and maintain their project. 

However, if the situation allows VAULT.Investments will issue presale funds to CRYO projects via stage payments. Clarification for presale funds will be presented, prior to the commencement of all presales. 

VAULT.Investments will take no further part in the verification of projects, or request or hold any identity documents. To further clarify, VAULT.Investments is a service provider that provides an ecosystem and its tools to project owners and users. VAULT.Investments are not responsible for projects or users using their services and can not be held accountable for any actions or wrongdoings related to listed projects. All marketing or promotion of projects is part of that service. All verifications, where applicable will be performed by https://kydcoin.io/.

Investor's Responsibility
It is the sole responsibility of the investor to carry out their own research into the project and mission. All investors are also solely responsible for profits and losses that they incur due to a project's performance.

When investing in a CRYO project, you should always look at this as a long term investment. There may be an end date displayed for the project to come out of CRYO but with the majority support of investors this could be extended at any time or in some cases could become permanent. CRYO projects are designed for the long term investor to provide a sustainable passive income similar to a traditional non cryptocurrency investment.

We would like to remind all investors that cryptocurrency is no different than traditional investments and can carry an element of risk and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

VAULT, Bridging the gap to traditional investors.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/VaultInvest

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