VAULT Soars to New Highs


Around 12 PM EST on Tuesday, Feb 4th, VAULT holders’ blockfolio, and delta apps were ringing like crazy. The occasion: a massive surge in price to a whopping .028 BTC (about $256) per coin




This kind of price increase is unprecedented for Masternode coins - outside of unethical manipulation and scams - especially for a project nearing its one year anniversary. However, for VAULT it was all organic and underscores the positive economic effects produced by CRYO. 


At the time of the surge, there was less than 1 VAULT coin available on the market - a marked decrease in available supply from the ~300 or so typically available. This is likely due to increasing demand levels from VAULT’s new Masternode Pool offering for coin holders. Buyers had to make purchases in “VAULT-toshis”. It has a nice ring to it. 


Though it was short-lived, VAULT likely got some good exposure from the price action. For a time, VAULT was the highest valued Masternode on MNO (Masternodes Online) - outranking DASH itself by a factor of 2. 


The price has since settled around the $10 mark, which still marks a significant increase for 2020 thus far. 


Stay tuned for more updates on VAULT! 

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