StreamIT now listed on VAULT.Investments!!

VAULT.Investments would like to welcome the StreamIT project and its community to the VAULT platform. It will give the StreamIT community access to the powerful hosting platform where any amount hosted on the platform will generate a passive income for the account holder, proportionally to the rewards generated for a full masternode.

The StreamIT community will be able to use the features available on the VAULT.Investments platform such as the new Coin Swapping feature, that will allow everyone to buy StreamIT in larger amounts for competitive prices. When buying on an exchange, you will typically see prices increase quite rapidly when buying from the sell wall, and buying a larger amount for a good price typically requires a good amount of patience. Either buy buying smaller amounts at the target price from the sell wall or by placing buy orders that can take a long time to fill. With the Coin Swapping feature provided by VAULT.Investments, the StreamIT project will be able to offer larger amounts of coins for a fixed price without a buyer having to fear that the price goes up as you buy.

StreamIT was launched in August 2019 and is still a relatively new project. The first block on the blockchain was generated on Aug 07, 2019, at 14:39:26 UTC. The blockchain is the home of StreamITs own cryptocurrency STREAM. The blockchain currently has 133 masternodes on the blockchain with an ROI of 175.57%. This means that if the current numbers were to be stable for a year to come, that it would take 208 days to generate an amount equal to your invested collateral of 20000 STREAM. Historical data shows that StreamIT has been on a rollercoaster in terms of numbers of masternodes, which shows 256 masternodes during November 2019, when it plummeted to just below 30 in a short period of time. It remained at that number until late March 2020. Since then the number of masternodes has been on a steady rise, which will hopefully mean a healthy growth as interest for the project is increasing. With increasing numbers of masternodes, the ROI has been dropping from a whopping 800%+ to the current 175%. A high ROI might seem interesting for an investor looking for quick gains, but to get hold of the long term investors the ROI typically needs to be lower... so the number looks very promising from a more conservative and long term investors point of view.

So what is StreamIT all about? We all know, that if you are providing digital content to platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, that you need to have large numbers of viewers for it to become a source of income. A large number of viewers and followers typically bring commercial partners that want to do product placement and advertising for your viewers to see. And doing what you like, while earning money to make a living is a dream for many. To become this really popular influencer, vlogger or streamer in today's world, you need most of all interesting content, an extrovert personality that people enjoy watching or can identify themselves with and generally you also need a good portion of luck to be at the right place at the right time with the right content. This might cause your channel or content to be seen, shared, and as a result to go viral.

StreamIT decided to create a platform and a way to help your luck a little bit, by creating a way to reward your viewers for watching your channel and content. So now you will be giving viewers this initial incentive to come and view your content and channel to earn some STREAM coins, which might lead to them sticking around as they enjoy and share your channel. It will also provide a simple means to reward your followers and viewers for supporting you, instead of an empty thank you. STREAM coins can then be converted to real money on the exchanges or they can be used to sponsor your own channel and reward your own users.

Now that we have it in the clear what StreamIT is working on to provide, we need to know how it works on existing streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. StreamIT is developing clever software, commonly called "bots", that you can join on your channel. The bot will be listening on your channel 24/7, and as soon as your stream goes live it will know which users are viewing your content and for how long. It will then reward those users according to your settings and thresholds and let them know via chat that they have received a reward. The bot can also be used to randomly rain rewards on the people watching your content. It will give your viewers this extra incentive to watch your content and increase your chances of getting seen.

To provide a clear overview of it all, StreamIT is developing a platform for both streamers and subscribers alike. Streamers can view who has been watching what content. It will be providing statistics about which content did well, and which content did not so well. You will be able to set the reward levels and thresholds at which it will be paid. There will be options to ban trolls from receiving rewards either temporarily or permanently and it will also be possible to run competitions. Subscribers, the viewers, will be able to keep track of their balance and they will be able to search for channels and content where incentives paid in STREAM are awarded. You will be able to see how active the streamer is and a calculator will be helping you to determine how much you will be paid.

Whether you are a believer in content alone or believe in paying your viewers is a different story, but the concept is interesting if not only to help start your career as a streamer or simply to thank your loyal Fanclub to watching your channel and keep them engaged. StreamIT has already released its first bot for the Twitch service that can be invited into your Twitch channel. It will be keeping an eye on your viewers as soon as your channel goes live and reward them according to your settings. According to their website, similar bots for YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live are on the roadmap to provide a similar service.

VAULT.Investments are happy to welcome the StreamIT community on its platform and provide them with yet another way to earn a passive income and increase their STREAM holdings by doing nothing else but deposit holdings on the platform. Hosting StreamIT on the VAULT.Investments platform gets a 50% discount by paying in its native currency VAULT and the price can be further reduced by purchasing VAULT Prime packages that provide free hosting of any masternode of the platform for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. The biggest package is a lifetime subscription of free hosting of any masternode on the platform.

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