PAWS Animal Charity To Be Relaunched in CRYO Program

Good day PAWS community,

We have been asked many times over the past months what we are doing next and what the future holds in store for PAWS Animal Charity. We would like everyone to take some time to read everything contained in this document and evaluate the current and possible future situations without changes being made.

PAWS was formed back in October 2018 by Ian, Jules, and Jelle. We brought with our experience from other projects as investors, management, staff, support, and development. We launched without a website, whitepaper and a community but we have been public and transparent right from the start. We hit the ground running and over delivered on exchanges and listings which included a full Coinmarketcap listing 2 days after our first exchanges. Over the past year, it has been a huge learning curve. We have been so focussed on the crypto and masternode scene and all the “difficulties” that have come with it that we have failed to deliver on our project developments and even though we have our Non-profit, we have not utilized this in any way.

In June 2019 we launched the VAULT Investments project and platform with its own masternode and separate set up but we have never forgotten about PAWS and our users and when we initially planned our investment platform this was to help and support PAWS. PAWS users have been able to host their PAWS for free and this will not change with our relaunch. 

The idea behind VAULT and the CRYO program has come from all those difficulties on PAWS  over the past year when we have had many PAWS stolen and dumped from users and other service providers. In the past 6 months, we have lost 2 exchanges through their closures and now we believe it is the perfect time to put our proposal to you for our relaunch plans.

Why is the time right to ReCRYO PAWS?

PAWS has been running since October 2018 and has already got a lot of what it needs in place and with 2 legal entities, top branding and design to work with, it's a ready-made legal charity. With the protection of CRYO, it can deliver the rest of what it is lacking currently.

Our CRYO program has been running on VAULT for over 8 months and it has proven to be very effective at managing the supply of a project, even those that have faced many issues and missed deadlines are still protected and outside CRYO these could quite easily be dumped to 1 sat by now. Lately, some criticism has been aimed at CRYO after some issues with project owners but the fact has always been the same, that VAULT Investments provides a service and our part of managing masternodes and supply is still effective and intact.

This is like a new beginning for PAWS all over again but this time we launch much stronger and better prepared with legal entities, new roadmap, website, a team which will include Jelle and Motz stepping up to join myself and Jules on the founders and we will deliver this time.


We would now like everyone to join us for the relaunch of PAWS in CRYO and to give it a 2nd chance to become the global charity that we set out to be.


Proposals planned for Q2 PAWS relaunch

All PAWS content and materials to be updated/replaced with a new roadmap with realistic goals and delivery schedule. 

Planned use-cases:


-    Mobile app for pets

We will develop an app that enables you to keep a record of a variety of pet-specific features. For example, weight, vet visits, medicines, the food you buy (amount and frequency), pet hotels, pet shops, vets in the neighborhood (ideal if you are on holidays with your pet) and many more features. We would like to have your input on what features to add for this app too! Let us know what you would like to see in the app.


-    Charity foundation webpage

This webpage will contain different pet charity organizations (eg zwerfkat in nood) in different countries. For each charity, there is the option to donate in different coins (including PAWS, ETH, BTC, etc). The community can propose charities which will be reviewed by a special panel for approval to be added. We are looking for ambassadors from all around the globe to connect to charities and make them aware of how PAWS could help them.

Additionally, we will provide the opportunity to start fundraising for a specific aim for one of the charities (eg a shelter, food or other things).


-    Marketplace for all your pets/PAWS merchandise

The PAWS mugs were released a few months ago and some of these are still for sale (contact Mike PAWS General Manager for more information). We will set up a merchandise marketplace where different assortments of PAWS merchandise can be bought. Part of the revenue from the marketplace sales will be used to support our charities. If you buy mugs, pens, etc you will be supporting our charities.

-    The Stenly Initiative buyback program
Which was only started a few months back will receive the full support of PAWS founders and team for the relaunch.

Over the past months, there has been a lot of internal discussions regarding PAWS and steps have been taken to grow our team and volunteers for the relaunch. We aim to grow our team of PAWS Ambassadors and we are looking for global coverage.

The PAWS Sponsorship Program is already in place building momentum and ready for the relaunch. This will provide a steady stream of donations from our sponsors, with monthly accounts and reports on all sponsor's donations. 

This would be a complete reset of the blockchain. ALL coins must start life on the platform so for that we would only swap coins on the platform and at the start of the new chain, ALL coins would be frozen. Rewards will be distributed only over the coins held on the platform, which are available to withdraw or accumulate for even higher rewards on the Vault platform using compound interest.


We would start fresh with new exchanges, possibly with Crex24, Graviex, SouthXchange and others that we haven’t been listed on yet, as all possibilities. (No swap can be done on exchanges or outside the platform)



We are looking to remove this stigma of PAWS masternode holders that seem to look “elitist” and not right in the eyes of some for an animal charity such as PAWS. So regardless of your holdings, we want to bring you all closer together as “holders”, “supporters” or whatever you would like to be known as. We want to create a family and project with public unity to include you all to make PAWS yours and a global force and name in animal charity.


The VAULT Platform installs masternodes on the backend where all rewards go into a pool and are shared according to the number of coins you hold in your wallet on the frontend. NO ONE owns a masternode at the start but you can accumulate enough coins to set up your own masternode. VAULT will allow us to unify you all.




Coin Specs:

Coins swapped at a ratio of 10 : 1

Masternode Collateral: 1000

Masternode reward: 75.9% (currently 70%)

Donations Fund: 12% (currently 10%)

Operations Fund: 12% (currently 10%)

Staking (POS) reward: 0.1% (currently 10%)

Block Time: 120 SECONDS

Minimum Staking Maturity: 12 hours

Total supply: 5 000 000 PAWS

Approximate R.O.I at relaunch 50%


Advantages of ReCRYO

A new start with only rewards eligible to be taken out of the platform.

Fewer coins to take out should give more value to coins as less demand is needed (more protection in bear markets) The swap will be combined with CRYO for a minimum of 1 year. Possible extension of the CRYO period will be discussed and settled by community vote based on the number of PAWS you hold.



On the opening of the exchange, there will be:

No masternodes to sell/dump

No premine to sell/dump

No large wallets to be scammed

VAULT Investments PAWS Contribution
Recently VAULT Investments launched its own masternode investment funds. There were 2 separate pools launched known as VAULT 10s and VAULT WHALES.

VAULT 10s shared masternode investment fund operates a pool of masternodes with sales of rewards and an agreed 5% of reward sales will be used for buyback and support of the PAWS on the markets. This is managed by VAULT General Manager Stenly (also of his own Stenly Initiative Program)

VAULT WHALES Investment Fund is a larger private pool run on the same principles as the VAULT 10s with additional benefits for professional investors. There will also be 5% of the pool rewards used to buyback and support PAWS on the markets.



Just to add if we wanted to keep an exchange they would have to work with us to make sure CRYO rules were not broken as we have no plans to change our ticker.

All PAWS must be deposited in the VAULT Investments Platform by April 30th, 2020 to be eligible for the swap. The new PAWS will launch soon after the swap end date.


No matter what you decide, to stay with us or get out before the relaunch, there is still plenty of time to sell your PAWS or buy more to increase your holding. On the relaunch, nothing will change and all new coins will be hosted for free.

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