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It is always recommended before the startup of any project, that you should research your market and create a business plan with long-term goals and projections. During our research prior to the creation of the Bitbuzz project, we identified a number of key elements that we would base our project on. Today we are prepared with our plan in hand and believe we are in the perfect position to evolve and innovate for market and customer demand to ensure the longterm success of our project.

So what is Bitbuzz?

BitBuzz will be a digital media resource covering a wide range of news and updates on blockchain technology, crypto assets and lots more.

But we are more than just an ordinary news site. Bitbuzz aims to reward writers in cryptocurrency. We welcome everyone to register on the Bitbuzz platform and start earning by writing articles.

Our team determine a CPM (Cost Per Mile) for each country, This is similar to how Advertising networks pay publishers (website owners). The payment you receive will be determined by the popularity of your article and the views it receives.

We will also have a built in referral system to greater enhance your earnings possibility. Publishers will be free to withdraw their earning once the minimum $25 payout threshold has been reached. With payments being made in VAULT coins.

Bitbuzz will use vault as a mode of payment :


The project was launched with the goal of creating our own digital currency, however after the presale process failed, we had already built a strong relationship with the VAULT team and we took the decision to launch our project as part of the VAULT ecosystem, with VAULT as the official currency for all payments and transactions of the Bitbuzz platform.

Terms of use :

All information on the terms of use and how to use Bitbuzz to earn VAULT coins, can be found at: Write and get paid


The original Bitbuzz team under the control of VAULT.Investments, have put all our efforts into creating this project, with the aim to bring you the latest cryptoccurency news and scoops with an "earn from writing" option for all members.

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