Huge Bonus for VAULT Investors Incoming

Greetings community,


The VAULT team is happy to announce a series of incentives and bonuses for VAULT investors. On March 2nd, 2020, the largest VAULT refreeze to date conducted will commence, and will consist of the following: 


  • A 50% bonus on all unfrozen coins in the account

  • A 40% bonus for all filled ice wallets (40 coins)

  • A 10 VAULT bonus for PRIME subscribers


This will be a significant boost for large VAULT holders - especially if you quality for all three bonuses. With bonuses this large, it’s possible that it will create some positive market action - which is especially welcome given the crypto markets’ recent drop. 


VAULT is committed to rewarding its loyal community, and this bonus campaign shows that when you invest in VAULT, VAULT returns the favor. 


What is a refreeze? 


For those of you who may be new to the VAULT community, some explanation would be helpful. VAULT is a coin enrolled in the CRYO program, which employs anti-dumping measures to ensure coin value is retained and markets more stable. In effect, “frozen” coins are locked in the platform and are unable to be withdrawn for the duration of the freeze - typically 90 days. During these “freeze periods”, rewards generated by the frozen funds are available to be withdrawn, or reinvested by holding in the account. 


When VAULT refers to a “refreeze” this means that investors will be rewarded for holding their unfrozen coins that they could otherwise sell. When the refreeze is conducted, those unfrozen coins will be turned to frozen - and the investor is rewarded with the refreeze bonus. 


What is an ice wallet? 


Likewise, there are a series of airdrops on the VAULT platform that are conducted in tandem with CRYO. These airdrops are frozen on the platform, and generate rewards which can not be withdrawn. Additionally, these ice drop wallets must be filled to a balance of 100 before their expiration date - which usually requires an additional purchase of coins. This rewards both the investor and the project conducting the ice drop, since the investor retains their bonus and the project benefits from increased demand. 

If you are new to VAULT and would like to be in for the bonuses.

1. Buy VAULT on Crex24

2. Deposit it into your VAULT wallet where you will also start earning instant shared masternode rewards

3. Sign up for VAULT Prime for an additional 10 VAULT bonus

To learn more about VAULT, Icedrops and CRYO, visit VAULT. 




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