Harcomia Price Shows Strong Gains in 2020


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Holders of HCA have been enjoying a strong price uptrend for HCA since the beginning of 2020, and as the team continues to innovate and deliver - their wallets are expected only to grow fatter.


Below you will see a chart showing the consistent growth of HCA from the beginning of 2020:



HCA/BTC 1D Chart on Crex24.


The chart above shows the price point fluctuating between 1.5k - 2k satoshis at the beginning of the year. In only 40 days, HCA has posted gains of 400%, with steady and consistent growth. The chart even shows a price spike up to the 16k sats territory (approx. $1.60 per coin, with current BTC prices). Combined with a strong ROI for Masternodes, HCA is looking like one of the best crypto investments of the year thus far. 


This price growth goes to show the successes of VAULT’s CRYO program. As a participant in CRYO, HCA presale coins remain frozen on the platform, with only rewards available for withdrawal. This protects value for investors, while simultaneously giving project developers time to complete their platforms. 


HCA is scheduled to release their multi-asset wallet on the Google Play store shortly, which could send coin prices rocketing. Get your HCA coins before the next leg up of the uptrend!

The best is yet to come. 


For more information on HCA, join their discord: 



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