FX Team Making Consistent Gains - Week 2 Update



Greetings community! 


As you are probably aware by now, the FXN team of traders has been expanded to include many new traders, led by our own Bjorn. In our report last week on FXN’s trading success, we reported that the first short week of trading concluded with 2.89%. We are happy to share that FXN’s new team has continued their success - posting a respectable 7% return on their second week of trading! 



An image of Bjorn’s trading returns for 2/9 - 2/15. 


A lot of the action took place on the EURZAR Forex chart. Here’s an image of the closed trades that Bjorn shared with the community: 




Highlighted in blue is the overall pool value, which stood at $21,334 at the close of the week. 


It’s important to note that these numbers did not include open trades. When accounting for these, the week’s return was actually 8.8%!


Great weeks such as this early on will only compound as time goes on. It’s fantastic to see the new FX Coin team posting these solid returns already. When the pool reaches approximately 4 BTC, it’s expected that buybacks will resume. 


At this rate - it won’t be long! 


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