Fx Coin Making Rapid Recovery

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FX Coin has shown its resiliency in the markets, recovering to near-presale prices after the biggest dump in the coin’s short history. See the chart below:



FXN/BTC 1D Chart on Crex24


The above chart shows the coin reached all-time-low prices near the beginning of February, reaching ~13k satoshis ($1.30) per coin. This is a significant undervaluation, and far below the presale price of 30k sats. 


The negative price action was likely caused by the hiatus of Fx Pro, who had to make the unfortunate decision to step away from trading for a time while dealing with a personal matter (more details to come shortly). 


However, VAULT is committed to providing top-quality projects for its investors, and as FXN is a CRYO project, there is always a plan B! 


The VAULT team instated a new team of traders and raised the initial capital to resume the project. The new traders have already been trading profitably, and have been putting up fantastic numbers in their second week of trading (click here to read more). 


This has resulted in a surge of confidence from the community, which is reflected in the price action. In the one week since the new trading team was installed, FX Coin has surged in value back to presale prices - up nearly 200% in less than two weeks. Additionally, there was a massive price spike to 56k satoshis, which shows that the demand for the coin is growing. 

When buybacks recommence, and when Fx Pro returns, this project will be unrecognizable from where it is today.

For more information on FXN, join the VAULT Discord server:


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