PAWS hosted on VAULT Being Moved to Private Data Center




Greetings VAULT and PAWS Communities,


Some of you who host your nodes on the VAULT.Investments platform may have noticed a decrease in your PAWS rewards. This is no cause for alarm, and is only a temporary inconvenience. Many have raised the same questions about lower rewards on multiple occasions, so we have decided to address the issue in an article.


As many of you know, as the closure of various Masternode hosting services (such as GIN) have closed their businesses, the options for hosting has decreased significantly. Paired with the current lower value of PAWS nodes, many existing hosts have turned PAWS into PoS mode - substantially lowering rewards. Since VAULT offers free PAWS hosting, this has led to a massive influx of PAWS coins to the platform.


Now, VAULT operates as a Masternode pool, which means that rewards are split from the total pool rewards in proportion to a user’s holdings. Since large amounts of coins are constantly flowing in and out of the platform, a percentage of the pools’ holdings must remain unlocked for liquidity. This means that rewards are slightly lower than advertised ROI - but still remain higher than PoS. 


Please note that if users do not like this model, they are always free to host their own nodes on a local VPS. 


But the VAULT team is always committed to improving their service and puts its users’ needs first. To combat the costs of running significantly more PAWS nodes, VAULT is moving PAWS nodes to its private data center - where the nodes can be run at a fraction of the cost of VPS rentals. Operating at minimal cost allows VAULT to continue offering free hosting for PAWS - and to include many more nodes in the pool at the same cost. And more nodes in the pool = more rewards for PAWS investors. 


As nodes are moved to the private data center, there will be lower rewards as they must be taken offline to be moved. Again, this is temporary and is in the long term benefit of PAWS, VAULT, and all of its users. 


For more information, please visit the PAWS server and check the announcements.


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