New FXN Trading Team Off To A Smashing Start


The recently installed FX Coin team of traders has begun their work with a bang! After commencing trading on Monday February 3, already the profits are rolling in. Lead trader Bje4d, based in Germany, gave the disclaimer that “the first week would be slow” largely due to setting up the new transparent system, along with setting up his new team. The new team consists of three traders, under the management of Bje4d and the oversight of VAULT Whales - to assure complete transparency and safety of funds. 


On Saturday, it was reported that the profits on the short week of trading stood at 2.89% on the pool total - a respectable number and one that is expected to grow over the coming weeks. This number was artificially low due to highly volatile markets - thanks to the Coronavirus and Brexit. 


However, Monday Feb 10th was a fantastic start to the new trading week! The team pulled in at least 2.3% as of 11AM EST. This number does not even count open positions, of which there are at least 40. That means that in one day, the returns nearly matched what they were last 



The GBP/JPY FOREX Chart, where most of the action took place today. 


Bje4d attributed today’s success to the Coronavirus fears settling, bringing some sense of normalcy back to the market. Let’s hope the success continues! 


For more information on FX Coin, join the VAULT Discord! 

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